Hi! My name is Summer Wistful and I live in Moonlight Falls!  I just moved here from a place that’s actually very far away and I needed a new start!

As you can see from the wings I’m a fairy and I’m purple (my favorite color, of course).  But now I’m moving into a new house in this supernatural town, but my house had to be the one with the bug problem. (Oh and the weeds!)

The moths were everywhere and the butterflies, beetles, and much more.

But my house was nice on the inside at least, small, but cozy.  I liked it that way, not too big, because I’m alone.  Hopefully when I start a family I’ll have a bigger house, a big family is the major plan here.

(My artistic trait came out at this moment as you can see me using the easel in the background)

(And my childish trait kind of took over when decorating my bedroom 😛 )

As I began painting, I soon realized it would take awhile before I could actually paint something that looked like…well…something.  But you have to start somewhere right?

I needed a job too, bills were already stacking up and just flying around and casting magic spells on everyone wasn’t going to support myself.  So I decided to look into a job in the culinary career, because it actually sounded interesting.  So I went off and luckily they had a job opening, all the way at the bottom, but that’s okay.

Even if the diner was a little…scary…

Next I went to the park, hoping to meet some new people, maybe a future lover? 😉

But what actually happened was I met a guy and he was mean so I decided to let him have it and I tried to play a freeze prank on him, but it back fired..freezing me instead.  That was the end of that.

One time I was talking to this man I looked over and saw a woman casting a spell on another lady, and the next thing I knew she had a frog head. I laughed a little at first, but then I saw her coming at me!

I was scared to death, I really didn’t want a frogs head!

But then she casted her spell and the next thing I knew:

I was blown up and I was burned to a crisp.  Great…

Soon after that experience I went home and showered, leaving myself in my underwear and ate some ice cream, hoping it’ll make the day a little better.

Hopefully, I’ll find someone soon…

Information, Introduction, etc.

Hey! My name is Abbi, I’m the creator of the Sims 3 family, the Wistfuls! I’ve decided to start writing about this family after I read about Alice and Kev, the sims 3 story of two homeless people.  If you haven’t read the story, it’s a must read story, here’s the link:


I also got inspiration from reading the challenge of the Noble Family Legacy, it’s a challenge of getting rich and successful by the time you hit the 10th generation.  If you haven’t read this either, I’m pretty sure it’s still being updated, here’s the link to read:


Anyway, they are fairies, well Summer Wistful, the first of the generation, is. She lives in Moonlight Falls and well…she’s purple.

This blog, type, thingy is just like a story telling of the current things happening in the Wistful life.  It’s always boring at first, meeting new people, getting a job, getting money, upgrading.  It doesn’t ever get exciting until something big happens (-wink, wink- like baby fairies? 😉 ) so, you got to live through the beginning with me, if I can get some viewers?

I hope I get readers, but if I don’t, my little Summer will be talking to nobody, because this will be in her point of view! So, let’s help Summer not talk to herself (as always) and get me some views! 🙂

The first chapter of Summer Wistful will be up soon, maybe 30 minutes or even less!

BYE! Love you guys! 🙂 (Whoever may be reading this 😉 )